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What is a Chapter?

A “Chapter” of the Columbia River Pickleball Club (CRPC) is a group within the club which is defined by a smaller geographic area than the Greater Portland/Vancouver area. Currently we have five (5) chapters under the CRPC umbrella: Camas/Washougal, Newberg, Vancouver, Willamette River, and Wilsonville. Each chapter has its own administrative structure while still being part of the Club.

Why would you want to affiliate with a Chapter?

First, all members of CRPC have the option to join a chapter within the club or to remain a member at large. Our club encompasses a large area and chapters help to reach and serve individual communities. When you join a chapter, approximately of your CRPC dues go to that chapter while of your dues stays with CRPC. Your funds, therefore, help to meet the goals/needs of your pickleball community. Each chapter will have its own goals/focus for its funds: resurfacing or creating pickleball courts; purchasing storage lockers or court supplies for their local court(s); purchasing a ball machine; or ???

Again, the goal of affiliating with a chapter is to build up pickleball within your individual community. This chapter doesn’t necessarily have to be where you live, but it should be with a pickleball community with which you are associated. If your pickleball community does not currently have a chapter, you may select to simply belong to CRPC. You may also want to consider forming a chapter in your area.

Why wouldn’t my community just have their own club? What are the advantages/disadvantages of being a Chapter?

There are several advantages of CRPC Chapter membership over a local club. 

How about the disadvantages?

How do I join a Chapter or change Chapters?

Go to the Update Member Info page and click the “UPDATE” button. In the "Chapter" section of the Member Information Form you’ll be able to select a local chapter.

What can I do if my pickleball community does not currently have a Chapter?

We invite you to contact us if you’re interested in creating a Chapter. We’ll answer your questions and help you walk through those first steps.

Columbia River Pickleball Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  To make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal, click here.